India bit Pakistan in the hockey tournament on 22nd December 2021, at Bangladesh.


Team India had participated in the Asian Champion Trophy tournament and ended the game by winning the match. In sudden moments, all of us realised that India and Pakistan’s fight always goes on in cricket tournaments, but now they are at hockey tournaments too. Team India’s finest team has played in a couple of matches with Pakistan, but after a long struggle and the toughest match situation, India won by a score of 4-3 at the end of the game.

Team India was left breathless at the last moment after being bitten by the hockey stick. The Asian Champion Trophy tournament of hockey was held in Bangladesh. India previously held a match in the semi-final against Japan on Tuesday that India lost by 3-5, but as they came back with planning in the match against Pakistan, fans consider India their favourite team.
‘When opportunity knocks, don’t waste time thinking about it; instead, concentrate on the situation at hand.’’
Pakistan were spotted as goal-oriented in the starting match as they won over India, but India revealed their original performance in the tournament and won back-to-back matches against Pakistan. India’s goodness was when Varun Kumar scored well at the penalty corner, whereas Hardik Singh got a yellow card by the seniors of hockey. India got one more chance after Akashdeep scored well for his team.

It was notified that Pakistan backbone Ahmed Nadeem too scored well for his team. In fact, he was the only active person amongst the other temmates. But Pakistan’s victory was delayed as they didn’t get any opportunity to take the game in their hand.

Manpreet Singh’s name was considered as the player of the match as he played well and handled the game with his mastermind. In his last team, India had only two players in it as Sumit Singh also got a yellow card.

Team India, however, struggled in the last 5 minutes and put together a victory over Pakistan in the hockey tournament. India has given a great surprise gift of Christmas to the whole country and also won against Pakistan. It’s the happiest moment for all Indians. Finally, Team India of hockey struggled to win the final match against Pakistan.


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