The UAE and Afghanistan will meet in Dubai on December 25th, 2021.


The upcoming match is crucial to witness champions competing around the cricket stadium.The 7th match of the ICCA will update new scores from the winning team. It has been observed that Afghans have maintained their championship position in cricket very well, and fans are expecting the same thing from them in the upcoming match.

Afghanistan’s matches are so wonderful in cricket history, and a few of them were remembered in the eyes of cricket as Afghanistan created a winning score of 306 runs in the recent match against UAE U19.When Player of the Match Tariq Sthanikzal hit the balls with his great performance, goodness was again reflected by the Afghans when Hazratullah Zazai and Nasir Khan Omar showed their attractive performance in the match.

After some long distance, the tournament took place just to check if Afghanz wanted to add a new stunning score for its teams and that happened as Afghans won by 134 runs on behalf of Darwish Rasooli and Rahmanullah Gurbaz. Azmatullah Omarzai and Baseer Khan again locked victory by 5 wickets and again they created the biggest victory score of 160 runs with the help of Ibrahim Zadran and Rahmadullah.

The UAE never came forward with the victory trophy in hand to match the Afghanistan team, but they never gave up on their vision and hoped to compete and defeat the Afghans at one.

The Asian Cricket Council Under-19 season 2021/22 will be held on December 25th, 2021, at the ICC Academy in Dubai. A 50-over match will be played between Afghanistan and UAE U-19 on Saturday at 11:00AM.

UAE U19 Squad Kai Smith, Aryansh Sharma, Alishana Sharafu, Dhruv Parashar, Muhammad Zuhaib, Soorya Sathish, Hamad Arshad, Ali Naseer, Hassan Khalid, Nilansh Keswani, and Aditya Shetty

Afghanistan U19 Squad  Suliman Safi, Suliman Arabzai, Bilal Sayeedi, Allah Noor, Muhammadullah, Khyber, Ijaz Ahmad, Izharulhaq Naweed, Noor Ahmad, Ijaz Ahmadzai, Faisal Khan, Khalel Ahmad, Mohammad Ishaq, Abdul Hadi, Bilal Tarin, Shahid Hassani, and Younus.


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