India’s U19 and Afghanistan’s U19 teams are poised to steal a new victory for their respective countries.


India is here due to their superb performance and hard work, and Afghanistan also came around after defeating many other kingdom of cricket.
India played many U19 matches and surprised its opponents by winning in the final over, minutes, or seconds.

India attacked Afghanistan in so many matches. A few of them were the most favorable, in which India won by 9 wickets when Yashasvi Jaiswal hit on each ball delivered by the Afghanistan bowler without any wastage. After that, India became fully confident of winning the match in the last over by 2 wickets only when Shashwat Rawal maintained his not-out records in the game. Last but not least, Manav Suthar, a goal-oriented Indian, gave India victory by 5 wickets in the past matches of India U19.

Afghanistan also has a short-term memory of victory over India under 19 matches, but they played wonderfully in each and every match without any doubt. Afghanistan first came around in the champions list by 3 wickets with the help of Imran and Mohammad Ishaq’s dedecative performance in the match, and after that, Afghanistan again won by 2 wickets when Asif Musazai and Imran ruined the match with their score performance.

The Asian Cricket Council U-19 Asia Cup of season 2021/22 will be held on December 27th, 2021 at the ICC Academy Ground, Dubai. The 50-over match will decide one winner amongst India U19 or Afghanistan U19 on Monday at 11:00AM.

India U19 Squad  Harnoor Singh Pannu, Angkrish Raghuvanshi, Ansh Gosai, S K Rasheed, Yash Dhull, Anneshwar Gautam, Siddharth Yadav, Kaushal Tambe, Nishant Sindhu, Dinnesh Bana, Aaradhya Yadav, Rajangad Bawa, Rajvardan Hangargekar, Garv Sangwan, Ravi Kumar, Rishith Reddy, Manav Parakh, Amrit Raj, Upadhyay, Vicky Ostwal and Vasu Vats

Afghanistan U19 Squad Suliman Safi, Suliman Arabzai, Bilal Sayeedi, Allah Noor, Muhammadullah, Khyber, Ijaz Ahmad, Izharulhaq Naweed, Noor Ahmad, Ijaz Ahmadzai, Faisal Khan, Khalel Ahmad, Mohammad Ishaq, Abdul Hadi, Bilal Tarin, Shahid Hassani, and Younus.


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