Pakistan U19 and UAE U19 are ready with an open mind to defeat the game with their great scores on December 27, 2021.


The managerial paths of both the teams are on average in cricket. But Pakistan’s stars are the shining stars based on past overall matches. Pakistan U19 teams have defeated UAE U19 in terms of higher, middle, and small scores.

Pakistan’s victory matches took place when the general board announced its team name after defeating UAE by 8 wickets in the past. As Sami Aslam and Saud Shakeel were on in the game, Pakistan didn’t collaborate with their team and played the match without practising, but they succeeded in their goal by winning the match by 73 runs.
Pakistan U19’s best performance was when Saud Shakeel and Hasan Raza used their own minds in the game to defeat the UAE U19 team by 150 runs. It was a huge loss for UAE when Chirag Suri failed to spot victory in the match.

After that, Pakistan U19 never looked back as the weakest team because they had maintained their team by such a great victory. Pakistan U19 won that match by 10 wickets when Sami Aslam and Imam-ul-Haq struggled hard to survive in the last over of the U19 match. One match: Fans of Pakistan U19 can’t forget when Mohammad Taha and Mohammad Arif took victory at home by defeating UAE U19 by 226 runs in the match.

UAE U19 have now improved and are coming into the tournament with a positive attitude to mark victory for their team. UAE is still dreaming of victory, but in reality, they are a long way from achieving their goal.

The Asian Cricket Council Under-19 will be held on December 27th, 2021, at the ICC Academy in Dubai. A 50-over match will take place on Monday between Pakistan U19 and UAE U19 at 11:00 PM. UAE fans are hoping for something new from the UAE U19 squad, whereas Pakistan’s fans have full confidence in the Pakistan U19 team. They will set new records in cricket.

Pakistan Squad Ahmed Khan, Ali Asfand, Arham Nawab, Awais Ali, Faisal Akram, Haseebullah, Irfan Khan Niazi, Maaz Sadaqat, Mehran Mumtaz, Mohammad Shehzad, Rizwan Mehmood, and Zeeshan Zameer

UAE U19 Squad  Kai Smith, Aryansh Sharma, Alishana Sharafu, Dhruv Parashar, Soorya Sathish, Ali Naseer, Nilansh Keswani, Aditya Shetty, Punya Mehra, Vinayak Vijaya Raghavan, and Aayan Khan.


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