Otago and Wellington are waiting to announce the winner of Super Smash in the 15th match.


Both teams’ ornaments are to score more runs for their teams, because in Wellington, teams are more valuable than diamonds. And Otago is trying to pool their players to perform well in the upcoming match.

Wellington has a great past of victory in cricket tournaments. Each match gave a straight belief in Wellington’s success as they securely won all the matches held in the past. Wellington marked victory by 11 runs in the 20-over match against Otago with the help of Devon Conway. After that, Wellington again won by 1 run against Otago when Michael Pollard reached the finish line before Otego’s bowler reached.

Wellington’s gaming style was changed and went in another direction by winning the game in the last 10 wickets with the help of Devon Conway. Wellington again came across the match by 5 wickets when Finn Allen put the bat flying in the sky to mark six in the game. The last game Wellington played was in 2021, and was won by 4 wickets when Michael Bracewell batted in the last over.

The Super Smash match is going to be held on December 28th, 2021, at John Davies Oval in Queenstown. A 20-over match will decide the new winner between Wellington and Otago on Tuesday, at 7:10 a.m. Wellington is ready to mark new scores for its team, whereas Otago will not spoil the upcoming opportunity to win the game.

Otago Squad– Max Chu, Mitch Renwick, Dale Phillips, Hamish Rutherford, Nick Kelly, Neil Broom, Josh Finnie, Michael Rippon, Jacob Gibson, Anaru Kitchen, Angus McKenzie, Travis Muller, Jacob Duffy, Matthew Bacon, Jarrod McKay, and Michael Rae are the strongest players in their team.

Wellington Squad– Finn Allen, Devon Conway, Tom Blundell, Luke Georgeson, Nick Greenwood, Troy Johnson, Jakob Bhula, Callum McLachlan, James Neesham, Rachin Ravindra, Logan van Geek, Peter Young, husband, Jamie Gibson, Hamish Bennett, Nathan Smith, Ben Sears, Lain McPeake, Michael Snedden, and Ollie Newton.



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