Sourav Ganguly’s positive reports of COVID left the world of cricket in utter shock


The greatest legend of the cricket world and the BCCI president are currently dealing with some health issues in the city of Kolkata. On December 28th, 2021, he was captured by the cameras of the media outside the hospital as he was going to be admitted due to COVID-19 positive reports. Recent news also spoke for itself, as he was admitted twice this year due to COVID-19 alone.

The former Indian captain, who is 49 years old, has been found at a hospital after his RT-PCR test positive reports; he was fighting to survive in the human world. The BCCi source is taking all updates on its president as he was admitted at Woodlands Nursing Home last night. He was also admitted previously this year, and he was sent to the emergency room for angioplasty due to some cardiac issues.

The reporters found that his elder brother, Snehasish Ganguly, was also admitted to the hospital in the early part of this year due to his COVID-19 test positive reports. This news has given the biggest shock to the whole Ganguly family.

The latest reports on the COVID crisis have revealed that India is dealing with some fresh COVID cases, most of them in Delhi and Mumbai, because the country has increased restrictions more in those cities to reduce COVID infection across the world. The whole country’s cases were found to be 6358 and 6450 recovered over the last 24 hours. But new cases also came out, like 653 of Omicron. And the active cases were 75456, found to have a recovery rate of 98.40%.

The whole country, the people of India are praying for the recovery of the two brothers’ health soon. It was realised that the legend was a very strong person as he had struggled hard in cricket in the past and now struggles for his health recovery. Its hard work and dedication, which serve the country, will become its blessing to recover from the COVID issues.


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