The 12th ICCA match in Dubai will create new memories for participants Kuwait and Nepal U19.


 Nepal U19 are maintaining their records of winning matches from the past in cricket and all time has absorbed great scores for their team. But the badness of Kuwait is still reminding them of not winning a single match for their team. 

 In the past, Nepal U19 took many victories with their highest runs and great wickets in the match against Kuwait. Nepal won the match by 84 runs in the first tour of U19 when Amit Shrestha and Sushan Bhari played in unity. 

 The very highest scoring memory still fans recall in gossip about Nepal’s U19 as they won by 262 runs with the support of Aarif Sheikh and Saurav Khanal. It was a huge defeat for Kuwait players Bassam Mirza and Bilal Tahir, as it was not possible for them to cross such a score to win the match. 

 Ones again, Nepal U19 created victory over 83 runs for its team with the help of Dipendra Singh Airee and Saurav Khanal. After such a long wait, one match happened between Nepal and Kuwait U19. Rit Gautam and Pawan Sarraf handled the game and won by 8 wickets for their team. 

 The Asian Cricket Council Under-19s Asia Cup is going to take place on December 28th, 2021, at the ICC Academy Ground No. 2, in Dubai. Kuwait U19 will get a 50-over match to ruin Nepal U19 on Tuesday at 11:00 am. Devin 

 Nepal U19 Squad- Khanal, Sher Malla, Dipesh Kandel, Vivek Yadav, Vivek Rana Magar, Gulshan Jha, Santosh Karki, Adil Ansari, Tilak Raj Bhandari, Arjun Kumal, Vasir Ahmed, Durgesh Gupta, Prakash Jaisi, Arjun Saud, and Rahul Bhandari. 

 Kuwait U19 Squad– Meet Bhavsar, Abdul Sadiq, Ethan Cheran, Muhammad Ali, Jude Saldhana, Mohamad Thoufiq, Mirza Ahmed, Mohamad, Henry Thomas, Abdullah Zaheer, Mohammad Bastaki, Muhammad Farooq, Talha Hassan, Muhammad Umer, and Ahad Ali. 




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