The supportive staff of Ireland in the upcoming ODI series is dealing with COVID causes.


The ODI participating teams are in a position of not getting clarification for the next step as they are very much confused about when the next tournament of ODI will happen based on the Ireland team’s health recovery. ”
‘’Health is the most precious thing in the world of strangers.’’

The team from Ireland went for a routine check-up as well as testing for COVID-19 with the hope that it would take less time to close the matter, but as their positive reports came in, they felt hopeless and lost all self-belief. Now they are hospitalised to recover as soon as possible.

The latest reports say that yesterday’s match was postponed due to the whole cricket staff, including USA players, going to hospital for COVID-19 testing, and in the evening they were relieved from the hospital as their negative reports were shared with the general community of cricket.

But the badness of Ireland rises in the ODI series only because before that, both the teams performed very well in the T20 series and were hoping to perform well in the ODI matches against the same team, but due to the COVID crisis, their vision is being delayed.

The USA and Ireland are all great teams as they won the T20 matches of the Ireland tour and they are now on that way where they wanted to create something memorable in the ODI series, but now they miss that chance due to COVID-19 rising in the world of cricket.

The ODI match was arranged for this week as the winning team wanted to give a New Year gift to the country’s cricket team, but unfortunately, the plan was cancelled and I have no idea when it will happen in the future.
As per the board of directors’ decision, both the teams have come out of the COVID issue with negative reports after tests, except for two members of Ireland who have positive reports. The last US squad, including its umpire group, has taken to the final decision to cancel the matches of ODI which were happening on this Wednesday and Thursday simultaneously.

The Ireland team, whose test reports say negative, are hoping to leave as soon as possible from the match location, i.e., Florida, for Kingston, Jamaica on Friday to play the next series against the West Indies. The two members of the positive reports will stay in Florida only to complete the isolation period.

The Ireland team are thankful to all the USA teams for hosting T20 and ODI matches, which were not performed due to COVID cases. The reason behind travelling from the USA is that those two members of its team are in contact with many others, including them, and now they are hoping for all health and safety.



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