The new match of the ICC World Cup is Scheduled for Monday, where the UAE and PNG will elect to make a new winning score in the cricket tournament.


The new year is organising a new tournament for participants where UAE U19 and PNG U19 will make massive scores for their teams. Both teams are very smart, along with their bravest team.

Both the teams’ past history was not disclosed in the records of cricket, but they have made something different in the past, as PNG has tried to win maximum matches to get a seat in the World Cup, but their 3 victories are not enough for them to stay in the final match, and UAE has seized the opportunity with great scores as they lost only one match. But both the teams are very brilliant when they play in cricket tournaments.

For them, there will be an upcoming opportunity in which UAE and PNG will play and try to give great scores to their team so that people will remember them by their performance and scores in future times. The wickets would exist based upon the batters and bowlers of both the teams. Papua New Guinea and UAE U19 are looking at a great opportunity to pick up victory for their team in 2022.

The upcoming ICC World Cup Warm-Up match of season 2021/22 is scheduled for January 10, 2022, at Conaree Sports Club, in Basseterre, St. Kitts, where PNG and UAE will play against each other in a 50-over match. Fans are eagerly looking for the match to start on Monday at 7:30 PM to support their favourite team and win the match for them.

UAE U19 Team  Aryansh Sharma, Alishana Sharafu, Dhruv Parashar, Soorya Sathish, Ali Naseer, Nilansh Keswani, Aditya Shetty, Punya Mehra, Vinayak Vijaya Raghavan, Ronak Panoly, Ali Aamer Naseer, Sailles Jaishankar, Jash Giyanani, Shival Bawa, Alisha Sharafu [c] and Aayan Khan.

PNG U19 Squad Barnabas Maha Ryan Ani, Malcolm Aporo, Toua Bae, John Kariko, Peter Karoho, Sigo Kelly, Karoho Kevau, Rasan Kevau, Christopher Kilapat, Junior Morea, Patrick Nou, Aue Oru, Boio Ray, and Katenalaki Singi.



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