Who Responded to Sachin Tendulkar With a Cheeky Tweet?


A lot of talks had taken place after Ben Stokes got a reprieve with the ball hitting the stumps but not dislodging the bails in the ongoing Ashes. The England all-rounder got an excellent delivery from Cameron Green which moved in quite significantly and managed to hit the side of the stumps, but the bails did not move. After the incident, legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar expressed his desire for a new rule to be imposed.

The former India batter tweeted on the incident wanting a new rule to be imposed in favor of the bowlers if they hit the stumps and the bails remain dislodged. Legendary leg spinner Shane Warne had supported Master Blaster’s views and was sure of taking the suggestion to the committee. Former England Micheal Vaughan, who was recently in a conversation regarding the same matter, put a smart question of how can the God of Cricket be questioned.

“Who are we to question Sachin Tendulkar” – Michael Vaughan’ cheeky remark
“Should a law be introduced called ‘hitting the stumps’ after the ball has hit them but not dislodged the bails? What do you think guys? Let’s be fair to bowlers!”@shanewarne#AshesTest” Sachin Tendulkar tweeted on the incident
Vaughan in the commentary panel spoke about Sachin’s honesty for the game despite being a batter and mentioned that Sachin would have wanted the bails to go down even if he is still playing. Stokes incident is not the first time that the bails did not come off after hitting the stumps and the weight of the bails will be under the scanner now.

“Who are we to question Sachin Tendulkar? But I guarantee that if he was playing the game, he would want the bails to come off,” Vaughan told in the Commentary panel. “Yes it is something to discuss. I told Sachin on Twitter that I will take this to the committee. But I feel that the bails should be dislodged. Or else it will take too much time out of the game to review everything. But yes it is definitely something to discuss,” Warne replied.



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