The West Indies and South Africa are going to play a new match to mark victory in the warm-up match. On January 12, 2022, Georgetown,


The upcoming match is under the observation of fans and other community members as two excellent teams will play a head-to-head match on January 12th, 2022.

Past matches are very memorable for both the teams, as they played and won many matches in the past. West Indies first attached a four-wicket victory in support of Kimani Melius and Antonio Morris.

After this, South Africa came around on December 26th, 2021, having scored by 18 runs when Jade Smith and Ethan-John Cunningham took the match in hand to mark their victory. The West Indies again found themselves on December 28th, 2021, by winning over 8 wickets with the help of Matthew Nandu and Ackeem Auguste, who marked victory early in the match.

South Africa found as they won by only one wicket on December 30th, 2021, as Ethan-John Cunningham and Liam Alder played to manage the scores in the last over. Finally, West Indies won the final match on January 1, 2022, by a score of 19 runs. Teddy Bishop and Rivaldo Clarke, two supportive West Indies U19 players.

The participating teams are very excited about holding new winning records from the upcoming match. They are going to play a strategic-based match with extra inner power to enter into the match with positivity. It was difficult to pick a winner between the West Indies and South Africa; it is better to rely on the match where players will play for their respective teams.

The South Africa Under-19 tour of the West Indies for season 2021/22 is going to be held on January 12th, 2022, at Everest Cricket Club Ground, in Georgetown, Guyana. At 7:30 PM, South Africa and West Indies U19 will play a 50-over match. Fans are eagerly waiting to see a live match at the updated time and venue.

South Africa U19 Squad George van Heerden, Liam Aider, Matthew Boast, Dewald Brevis, Michael Copeland, Ethan Cunnigham, Valentine Kitime, Kwena Maphaka, Gerhard Maree, Aphime Mnyanda, Andile Silmelane, Jade Smith, Kaden Solomons, Joshua Stephenson, and Asakhe Tshaka.

West Indies U19 Team Ackeem Auguste, Anderson Amurdan, Justin Jagessar, Matthew Nandu, Teddy Bishop, Andel Gordon, Giovonte Depeiza, Isai Thorne, Johann Layne, Justin Beckford, Onaje Amory, Carlon Bowen-Tuckett, Rivaldo Clarke, Anderson Mahase, McKenny Clarke, Nathan Edwards, Sion Hackett, and Vasant Singh



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