The Bengal Warrior and the Tamil Thalaivas are looking for a new opportunity in the Kabaddi match.


Bengal Warrior over the past. After this, again, Bengal Warrior 23–21 Tamil Thalaivas, Bengal Warrior 22–16 Tamil Thalaivas, and Bengal Warrior 16–13 Tamil Thalaivas.

It’s a try because the Tamil Thalaivas drew the match with their magnificent performance, which was more important than winning the match against the same opponent team. Following this, Bengal Warrior 8-8 Tamil Thalaivas reached a similar level in the match. Another match that was drawn by both teams by small margins, Bengal Warrior 1-1 Tamil Thalaivas, as they realised that this is much better and easier than winning the game.

Bengal Warrior 12-10 Tamil Thalaivas again maintained their performance level in the match, Bengal Warrior 4-3 Tamil Thalaivas.

According to those matches that happened in the past, Tamil Thalaivas’ best raider was Rahul Chaudhari and their best defender was Manjeet Chhillar, who was spotted very much in all games held in the past. And also from the Bengal Warriors, the best raider was Maninder Singh and the best defender was Baldev Singh. They helped to gain maximum points for their teams.

The Pro Kabaddi League’s biggest tour will take place on January 13th, 2022, at Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, and Bengaluru, where Bengal Warrior and Tamil Thalaivas will compete for maximum points for their teams. The kabaddi match will start around 7:30 PM.

Bengal Warrior Team Maninder Singh (R), K Prapanjan (R), Mohammad Taghi (R), Rakesh Narwal (R), Ravindra Kumawat (R), Sukesh Hegde (R), Naveen Narwal (D), Amit (D), Baldev Singh (D), Jeeva Kumar (D), Viraj Vishnu Landge (D), Adarsh T (D), Dharmendra Singh (D), Rinku Narwal (D), Amit Dhumal

Tamil Thalaivas Team  Manjeet [Raider], Surjeet Singh [Defender], K. Prapanjan [Raider], Ajinkya Ashok Pawar [Raider], Sourabh Tanaji Patil [Raider], Bhavani Rajput [Raider], Anwar Saheed [Raider], Sahil [Raider], Sagar B. Krishna [Raider], and Santhapanaselvam [Raider].



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