The three amazing tournaments will take place at the Kabaddi ground on Saturday nights.


The upcoming match will be unique as six different teams of kabaddi will come to rock the match with their performances, and the match is being scheduled as Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Patna Pirates, Haryana Steelers vs Dabang Delhi, and Gujarat Giants vs Bengaluru Bulls.

According to the Pro Kabaddi Point table, Jaipur Pink Panthers are holding the 7th position with 23 points, Patna Pirates are at the 1st position with 34 points, which may be increased after winning against Jaipur, and next were Haryana Steelers, leading with 23 points at the 8th position, next was Dabang Delhi, who are at the top of the 3rd position with 32 points, and Bengaluru Bulls are at the 2nd position with 20 points on the Kabaddi League match point.

Jaipur Pink Panthers defeated Patna Pirates in the past match of Kabaddi, and their recorded scores were Jaipur Pink Panthers 29-22 Patna Pirates. After that, Patna Pirates marked the last two points to win over Jaipur as Patna Pirates 11- 9 Jaipur Panthers and one match went to the extreme level as the result was announced as a tie at 9-9.

Haryana Steelers and Dabang Delhi’s past records are unavailable in kabaddi, but their current levels are so fabulous as they are super strong due to their positive affirmation before starting any Kabaddi match.

Gujarat Giants had one of the best matches as they won last against Bengaluru Bulls, with a score of Gujarat Giants 32-23 Bengaluru Bulls. However, in the current match, the Bengaluru Bulls teams are far superior to any other.

The Pro Kabaddi League 2021/22 season is at a high level as many teams have improvised in their games to set new points in the Kabaddi League. It would be such a different experience that fans would be confused about how to cheer up their one team amongst so many strong teams.

The Pro Kabaddi League is hosting three matches on the same date i.e. on 14th January 2022 and same venue but at different times; the participating teams will play the Kabaddi match on Saturday at Sheraton Grand, at Whitefield, and in Bengaluru.

Jaipur Pink Panthers will play against Patna Pirates at 7:30 PM, next Gujarat Giants will face the Bengaluru Bulls in Kabaddi at 8:30 PM, followed by the Haryana Steelers, who will face Dabang Delhi KC at 9:30 PM. Fans are very interested in watching a live match back to back at a predetermined time and location.

Patna Pirates Team Prashanth Kumar Rai [R], Selvamani K [R], Monu Goyat [R], Sachin [R], Monu [R], Guman Singh [R], Mohit [R], Rajveersinh Chavan [R], Rohit [R], Sandeep [D], Neeraj Kumar [D], Shubham Shinde [D], Sunil [D], Sajin C [D], Sourav Gulia [D], Manish [D], Sahil Mann [all-rounder] and Daniel Odhiambo [all-rounder].

Jaipur Pink Panthers team Nilesh Salunke [Raider], Guman Singh [Raider], Sushil Gulia [Raider], Milinda Chathuranga [Raider], Deepak Narwal [Raider], Ajinkya Ashok Pawar [Raider], Lokesh Kaushik [Raider], Karamvir [Defender], Sandeep Kumar Dhull [Defender], Amit Hooda [Defender], Sunil Siddhgavali [Defender], Pavan T.R [Defender], Nitin Rawal [all-rounder], Santhapanaselvam [all-rounder], Deepak Niwas Hooda [all-rounder] and Dong Gyu Kim [all-rounder].

Haryana Steelers Squad Vikash Kandola [Raider], Vinay [Raider], Ashish [Raider], Mohammad Mahalli [Raider], Akshay [Raider], Surender Nada [Defender], Rajesh Gurjar [Defender], Mohit [Defender], Rajesh Narwal [all-rounder], Shrikant Tewthia [all-rounder], Vikash Jaglan [all-rounder], Ajay [all-rounder], Hamid Nader [all-rounder], Meetu [all-rounder] and Jaideep [all-rounder]

Dabang Delhi Squad Ajay Thakur [R], Naveen Kumar [R], Neeraj Narwal [R], Emad Sedaghatnia [R], Sushant Sail [R], Ashu Malik [R], Jeeva Kumar [D], Jaginder Narwal [D], Mohit Bhainswal [D], Sumit Bhainswal [D], Vikas D], Mohammad Malak [D], Deepak [D], Krishan [D], Vinay Kumar [D], Sandeep Narwal [all-rounder], Manjeet Chillar [all-rounder], Vijay [all-rounder], Balram [all-rounder].

Benguluru Bulls Team Sehrawat (R), Chandran Ranjit (R), Deepak Narwal (R), Abolfazel Maghso (Raider), Dong Geon Lee (Raider), Naseeb (Raider), Bharat (Raider), Mahender Singh (Defender), Vikas (Defender), Ankit (Defender), Mohit Sehrawat (Defender).

Gujarat gaints team Mahendra Rajput [R], Rakesh Narwal [R], Ajay Kumar [R], Bhuvneshwar Gaur [R], Harmanjit Singh [R], Pradeep Kumar [R], Rathan K [R], Harshit Yadav [R], Maninder Singh [R], Sohit [R], Sonu Singh [R], Girish Maruti Ernak [D], Sunil Kumar [D], Parvesh Bhainswal [D], Ankit [D], Sumit [D], Soleiman Pahlevani [D], Hadi Osh [all-rounder] and Rakesh [all-rounder]



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