Georgetown is going to host an U19 touGeorgetown is going to host an U19 tournament between Ireland U19 and Uganda U19. rnament between Ireland U19 and Uganda U19.


Ireland U19 and Uganda U19 are ready to set new scores for their teams and for their fans too. The upcoming match of the World Cup U19 is scheduled just to pick a new winner of the match between Ireland U19 and Uganda U19 as it is difficult because both are very strong teams.

If we recheck the past history of matches between Ireland U19 and Uganda U19, the Ireland U19 teams’ names are highlighted by their victories in past matches. The Ireland U19 team has mentioned victory scores by winning 123 runs higher than Uganda U19 to cover in the match. And next, Ireland U19 again was captured by its 6 winning wickets in that match; Eoin Morgan, Kevin O’Brien, and Gary Wilson all contributed great scores to mark victory.

But the thing to be noted is that both the teams have not mentioned any victories in recent periods and the upcoming match is very important for them to win over new scores in the tournament of cricket.

Apart from these Ireland teams, some more players have contributed superb scores in their past matches; Tim Tector’s best score was 204 runs on a BT average of 4 matches; Nathan McGuire took 10 wickets in 4 matches and Matthew Humphreys took 10 wickets in 3 matches.

From the Uganda team, Jimmy Okello, Davis Karashani, Neil Gill, and Hamza Saleh are also very struggling and hard-working players.

The biggest tour of the ICC World Cup U19 season 2021/22 is happening on 15th January 2022, at Everest Cricket Club Ground, in Georgetown, Guyana, where Ireland U19 and Uganda U19 will play a superb 50-over match. The match will start at a fixed time at 6:30 PM, where fans will observe their favourite team’s performance in the match.

Ireland U19 Team  Nathan McGuire, Tim Tector [c], Jamie Forbes, Matthew Humphreys, Scott MacBeth, Diarmuid Burke, Joshua Cox, Jack Dickson, Liam Doherly, Philippus le Roux, Muzamil Sherzad, David Vincent, Luke Whelan, Robbie Millar, Ryan Hunter, Daniel Forkin, Ewan Wilson, and Reuben Wilson.

Uganda U19 Team Ronald Opion, Pascal Murungi, Juma Miyaji, Munir Ismail, Issac Ategeka, Cyrus Kakuru, Ronald Omara, Brian Asaba, Joseph Beguma, Christopher Kidega, Edwin Nuwagaba, and Yunusu Sowobi.



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