The U19 match between the West Indies and Scotland will be held in Basseterre.


Both West Indies and Scotland U19 are ready and very excited to revert back to the city by winning their fans’ trust and winning a title for their country team.

If we check past memories of cricket teams, we have found only one team name, i.e., West Indies, who won by the finest winning wicket of 5 with the support of Chris Gayle and Ryan Hinds, the West Indies U19 team won that match. After that, West Indies came to the cricket ground with so many inbuilt improvements and finally won by 301 runs, which was hilarious and impossible for anyone to do as its amazing players Donovan Pagon and Lendl Simmons did in that match. Both the

West Indies and Scotland U19 teams are looking for something new in the game to score well for their team at any cost. And fans are also hoping for something good this time from both the West Indies and Scotland U19 teams.

Apart from the match, both the teams have their own delightful players in their squads, as from the West Indies U19 team, Teddy Bishop, who has mentioned 379 brilliant runs based on a BT average of 42.11 in 10 matches, and Matthew Nandu, who has contributed 202 runs on a BT average of 28.86 in all 9 matches. Johann Layne has mentioned 13 wickets in 9 matches and Onaje Amory has 11 wickets in 7 matches.

And the mind-blowing players of the Scotland team, as Tomas Mackintosh has contributed 128 runs based on a BT average of 18.29 in just 7 matches. And the Scotland team has expert players in bowling as well, with Sean Fischer-Keogh creating a total of 7 wickets in 3 matches and Charlie Peet creating a total of 5 wickets in 6 matches.

Another match of the ICC Under-19 World Cup season 2021/22 is coming up on January 17th, 2022, at Warner Park, Basseterre, St. Kitts, where West Indies and Scotland U19 will try to meet their seniors’ requirements and expectations by playing a total of 50-over matches. Fans will get to notice their favourite team’s performance at an updated day and time, i.e., Monday at 6:30 PM.

West Indies U19 team Ackeem Auguste, Anderson Amurdan, Justin Jagessar, Matthew Nandu, Teddy Bishop, Andel Gordon, Giovonte Depeiza, Isai Thorne, Johann Layne, Justin Beckford, Onaje Amory, Carlon Bowen-Tuckett, Rivaldo Clarke, Anderson Mahase, McKenny Clarke, Nathan Edwards, Sion Hackett, and Vasant Singh.

Scotland U19 team Charlie Peet, Tomas Mackintosh, Jamie Cairns, Christopher Cole, Aayush Dasmahapatra, Oliver Davidson, Samuel Elstone, Sean Fischer-Keogh, Gallmann-Findlay, Jack Jarvis, Ruaridh Mclntyre, Muhaymen Majeed, Rafay Khan, Lyle Robertson, and Charlie Tear.



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