The broadest future of South Africa and Uganda U19 is based on the upcoming match.


It will be great to note the gorgeous performances of both the South African and Uganda U19 teams depending on their players’ performances in the match. It would be so nice to hear new scores in the upcoming months from both the South African and Uganda U19 teams.

If we check past scores of South Africa and Uganda U19, the name of the South African U19 team was mentioned as they won that match by 8 wickets with the support of Andrew Birch and Clint Bowyer.

South Africa and Uganda U19 are planning hard and focusing on the present match, which will be held on January 18th, 2022.

Both the South Africa and Uganda U19 teams are blessed with super stunning scorers as they have contributed their time and hard work to mark wonderful scores in the past matches. The scorers amongst both sides were spotted as from the South Africa U19 team were Dewald Brevis, George Van Heerden, and Matthew Boast.

And from Uganda’s team U19, Pascal Murungi, Juma Miyaji, Matthew Musinguzi, and Joseph Beguma have hit on matches in the past matches for their team.

The present match of the ICC Under-19 World Cup of the season 2021/22 is going to happen on January 18th, 2022, at Queen’s Park Oval, Port of Spain, Trinidad, where South Africa and Uganda U19 will play against each other for a spot as the winner of the cricket match. Fans are hoping for something new from both teams in the upcoming match. The match will begin on Tuesday at 6:30 PM.

South Africa U19 Squad George van Heerden, Liam Aider, Matthew Boast, Dewald Brevis, Michael Copeland, Ethan Cunnigham, Valentine Kitime, Kwena Maphaka, Gerhard Maree, Aphime Mnyanda, Andile Silmelane, Jade Smith, Kaden Solomons, Joshua Stephenson, and Asakhe Tshaka.

Uganda Team U19  Ronald Opion, Pascal Murungi, Juma Miyaji, Munir Ismail, Issac Ategeka, Cyrus Kakuru, Ronald Omara, Brian Asaba, Joseph Beguma, Christopher Kidega, Edwin Nuwagaba, and Yunusu Sowobi



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