The Kabaddi match is here to pit the most desirable teams against each other, including Patna Pirates, Dabang Delhi, U Mumba, and Gujarat Gaints.


After playing accurately in the match, the Patna Pirates, Dabang Delhi, U Mumba, and Gujarat Gaints teams are expected to receive terrible scores in the upcoming Kabaddi match.

As per past matches, the best match still reminds us that Patna Pirates won by 36 scores more than Dabang Delhi 34, but Dabang Delhi played well in that match to lose by such small margins. After this, Patna Pirates 13–6 Dabang Delhi, Patna Pirates 16–11 Dabang Delhi, and Patna Pirates 18–13 Dabang Delhi all made victories in the matches, so it is going to be tough for Dabang Delhi to defeat Patna Pirates in the upcoming match.

In the past, Gujarat Giants defeated U Mumba with a 39-35 score. It was a hilarious match when these two teams competed against each other.
According to the Pro Kabaddi League, the very first team is spotted at the 2nd position. That is Patna Pirates. With 7 wins, they have gained 39 points, the 2nd highest till now in the game of Kabaddi. And at the 3rd position, Dabang Delhi is leading with 6 wins and their updated points were 37, but these two teams are nearest to their goal.

And now it’s time to note U Mumba’s position as they won a total of 3 matches and achieved 28 points in the game. The Gujarat Giants have won a total of 2 matches to gain 20 points for their teams.

The upcoming match was so important for all the participating teams to take revenge and show their strongest ability in the game of Kabaddi.
The new match of the Pro Kabaddi League of season 2021/22 is coming up on January 18th, 2022, at the Sheraton Grand Convention Centre, in Bangalore.

Kabaddi’s amazing and mind-blowing teams of Kabaddi Patna Pirates, Dabang Delhi, U Mumba, and Gujarat Gaints will play with extra efforts to gain great points in the match. At 7:30 PM, the Patna Pirates will face Dabang Delhi in kabaddi, and U Mumba will play against the Gujarat Giants at 8:30 PM. Fans are eagerly waiting for when this match takes place to see this match live at an updated time.

Patna Pirates Team Prashanth Kumar Rai [R], Selvamani K [R], Monu Goyat [R], Sachin [R], Monu [R], Guman Singh [R], Mohit [R], Rajveersinh Chavan [R], Rohit [R], Sandeep [D], Neeraj Kumar [D], Shubham Shinde [D], Sunil [D], Sajin C [D], Sourav Gulia [D], Manish [D], Sahil Mann [all-rounder] and Daniel Odhiambo [all-rounder].

Dabang Delhi Squad Ajay Thakur [R], Naveen Kumar [R], Neeraj Narwal [R], Emad Sedaghatnia [R], Sushant Sail [R], Ashu Malik [R], Jeeva Kumar [D], Jaginder Narwal [D], Mohit Bhainswal [D], Sumit Bhainswal [D], Vikas D], Mohammad Malak [D], Deepak [D], Krishan [D], Vinay Kumar [D], Sandeep Narwal [all-rounder], Manjeet Chillar [all-rounder], Vijay [all-rounder], Balram [all-rounder].

U Mumba Team Abhishek Singh (Raider), V Ajith Kumar (Raider), Navneet (Raider), Prathap (Raider), Jashandeep Singh (Raider), Kamlesh (Raider), Fazel Atrachali (Defender), Sunil Siddhgavali (Defender), AJeet (Defender), Harendra Kumar (Defender), Prince (Defender), Rinku (Defender), Rahul Sethpal (Defender), Ashish Sangwan [all-rounder] and Pankaj [all-rounder]

Gujarat Giants Team  Mahendra Rajput [R], Rakesh Narwal [R], Ajay Kumar [R], Bhuvneshwar Gaur [R], Harmanjit Singh [R], Pradeep Kumar [R], Rathan K [R], Harshit Yadav [R], Maninder Singh [R], Sohit [R], Sonu Singh [R], Girish Maruti Ernak [D], Sunil Kumar [D], Parvesh Bhainswal [D], Ankit [D], Sum



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