The two occupied teams, PNG and Afghanistan U19, are going to achieve their goal in the match.


It is a crucial thing in which players will refer to their team, and they will play accurately to reach the highest score in the match. It would be a wonderful experience if both PNG and Afghanistan U19 tried to achieve their targetive scores in the match.

If we look at the history of those teams, we can see that the PNG U19 team won the match by 30 runs thanks to Steven Eno and Sese Bau, as well as wicket experts Aftab Alam and Ayub Khan.

After this, Afghanistan also had a past memory to share with their fans, as Afghans won by 4 wickets with the support of Mohibullah Oryakhel and Afsar Zazai, but Charles Amini and Raymond Haoda also took fabulous wickets of the opponent team in that game.

Both the teams, PNG and Afghanistan U19, are trying hard to get new scores and should be spotted behind their team name on the table board of cricket.
The upcoming match of the ICC Under-19 World Cup season 2021/22 is going to take place on January 18, 2022, at the Diego Martin Sporting Complex, in Diego Martin, Trinidad, where PNG and Afghanistan U19 will play on one mode to achieve the best scores for their team at 6:30 PM on Tuesday. Fans are waiting for PNG and Afghanistan U19 to make new records in the match.

PNG U19 Squad Barnabas Maha Ryan Ani, Malcolm Aporo, Toua Bae, John Kariko, Peter Karoho, Sigo Kelly, Karoho Kevau, Rasan Kevau, Christopher Kilapat, Junior Morea, Patrick Nou, Aue Oru, Boio Ray, and Katenalaki Singi.

Afghanistan U19 team Suliman Safi, Ijaz Ahmad, and Izharulhaq, Naveed Nangyalai Khan, Abdul Hadi, Allah Noor, Khaiber Wali, Mohammad Ishaq, Bilal Ahmad, Khalil Ahmad, Mohammadullah Najbullah, Suliman Arabzai, Bilal Sami, Noor Ahmad, Naveed Zadran, Ijaz Ahmad Ahmadzai, Faisal Khan Ahmadzai, Bilal Sayedi.



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