The South Africa U19 Team and Ireland U19 Team are looking forward to a new opportunity to win in the game.


The match appears to take action hits from the South African and Ireland U19 participants. When it comes to watch a cricket tournament, the energy of the players goes to another level as they are very excited about making use of this opportunity.

If we check past memories between the South Africa and Ireland U19 teams, the very first team name has been recorded to shoot 10 winning wickets from South Africa U19 players Jacques Rudolph and Greaeme Smith. After this, the South Africa U19 team came ahead to mark 5 wickets to win in the match against Ireland U19 with the help of Stephan Smith and Dominic Hendricks.

And in another match, again, the South Africa U19 team came ahead to win the match by 10 wickets as per the champions. Jacques Rudolph and Graeme Smith rolled balls to give sixers to their team. It was a memorable period for the South African team in the past.

And the Ireland U19 team are willing to score for their team to win at least a single match. The upcoming match was so important for the Ireland team to win.Apart from the matches, some players are also spotted under team support. As from South Africa U19, Dewald Brevis has contributed a total of

193 runs on a BT average of 38.60 in just 5 matches. In just six matches, George Van Heerden has scored 104 runs at a BT average of 17.33.

And from Ireland Team U19, Tim Tector has created 223 runs on a 37.17 BT average in 6 matches and Joshua Cox has plugged 215 runs on a 53.75 BT average in a total of 5 matches.

The upcoming match of the ICC Under-19 World Cup or the South Africa Under-19 tour of West Indies is going to be scheduled for January 21, 2022, at Brian Lara Stadium, at Tarouba, in Trindad. South Africa and Ireland U19 will manage to play a 50-over match at 6:30 PM. Fans are curious to see the live match on Friday at the updated venue and time.

Ireland Team U19 Nathan McGuire, Tim Tector [c], Jamie Forbes, Matthew Humphreys, Scott MacBeth, Diarmuid Burke, Joshua Cox, Jack Dickson, Liam Doherly, Philippus le Roux, Muzamil Sherzad, David Vincent, Luke Whelan, Robbie Millar, Ryan Hunter, Daniel Forkin, Ewan Wilson, and Reuben Wilson.

South Africa U19 Squad George van Heerden, Liam Aider, Matthew Boast, Dewald Brevis, Michael Copeland, Ethan Cunnigham, Valentine Kitime, Kwena Maphaka, Gerhard Maree, Aphime Mnyanda, Andile Silmelane, Jade Smith, Kaden Solomons, Joshua Stephenson, and Asakhe Tshaka.



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