Central District won the 28th Super Smash match against Auckland


The new match is coming around with the hopes of getting something unique in the match. The Super Smash match is going to cover the players’ performances, their roles in the game, and the positive alignment of Auckland and the Central District.

Based upon past matches, both the teams have made amazing contributions for their teams, as the Auckland team has converted their first victory by 2 runs on the behalf of Mark Chapman and Martin Guptill. After this, they made an improvisation in another match by taking 4 wickets for their team depending upon Craig Cachopa and Corey Anderson’s status in the last over.

After so many struggles, Central District finally managed to win their first match. They hit for a 70 run victory in that match as the batters, George Worker and Josh Clarkson, played harder to win that match.

After this, both Auckland and Central District entered into the 2021 Super Smash season to win. Auckland again came to grab this opportunity by winning over 17 runs, as per the scorer batsmen Mark Chapman and Robert O’Donnel. And after this, again Auckland came forward to win by 4 wickets on December 27, 2021, and this time Martin Guptill and Robert O’Donnell came forward to win that match.

The Super Smash match of season 2021/22 came ahead on January 22, 2022, at Eden Park, in Auckland, where two amazing teams, Auckland and Central District, will face off in a 20-over match at 6:10 AM. Fans will see live scores on Saturday at an updated time and venue.

Auckland Team William Somerville, George Worker, Mark Chapman, Lockie Ferguson, Ben Horne, Robert O’Donnell, Sean Solia, Louis Delport, Glenn Phillips, Ross ter Braak, Graeme Beghin, Benjamin Lister, and Aditya Ashok.

Central District Team Tom Bruce [captain], Josh Clarkson, Jayden Lennox, George Worker, Bayley Wiggins, Doug Bracewell, Christian Leopard, Kieran Neoma-Barnett, Ajaz Patel, Blair Tickner, Greg Hay, Set Rance, Jayden Lennox, Adam Milne, and Joey Fields



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