Both Dabang Delhi and Puneri Paltan are ready to give rocking performances for their teams.


The super hit performance of Dabang Delhi and Puneri Paltan will be able to be seen live on January 24, 2022, at 8:30 PM, at the Venue Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru. Fans are so excited to see a live match at a decided time and venue.  

The past of both Dabang Delhi and Puneri Paltan teams was so great as they created victories for their teams in the past by playing so many matches. The stunning victory score was assigned by them. 60 – 40 Dabang Delhi9-6) Puneri Paltan, Dabang Delhi 60-38 Puneri Paltan, Dabang Delhi 59-39 Puneri Paltan, Dabang Delhi 55-31 Puneri Paltan, Dabang Delhi 53-27 Puneri Paltan, and Dabang Delhi 44-25 Puneri Paltan. 

It would be great to see a live match, but the winning chances of Dabang Delhi are greater than Puneri Paltan based on past matches.  

Dabang Delhi Squad Ajay Thakur [R], Naveen Kumar [R], Neeraj Narwal [R], Emad Sedaghatnia [R], Sushant Sail [R], Ashu Malik [R], Jeeva Kumar [D], Jaginder Narwal [D], Mohit Bhainswal [D], Sumit Bhainswal [D], Vikas D], Mohammad Malak [D], Deepak [D], Krishan [D], Vinay Kumar [D], Sandeep Narwal [all-rounder], Manjeet Chillar [all-rounder], Vijay [all-rounder], Balram [all-rounder].  

Puneri Paltan Squad Nitin Tomar [R], Baldev Singh [D], Vishal Bharadwaj [D], Rahul Chaudhari [R], Sombir [D], Victor Onyango Obiero [all-rounder], E Subash [all-rounder], Karamvir [D], Vishwas S [R], Abhinesh Nadarajan [D], Govind Gurjar [all-rounder] and Mohit Goyat [R], 




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