The Haryana Steelers and Gujarat Gaints are practising hard to gain more points in the Kabaddi League.


In the Pro Kabaddi league, another match between Haryana Steelers and Gujarat Gaints is scheduled for January 25, 2022, at Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru, at 7:30 PM. It would be wonderful to see a live match between those warriors, Haryana Steelers and Gujarat Gaints, on Tuesday. Fans are also looking forward to seeing their favourite team do something unique in the Kabaddi match.

It is very important to check the past records of those Kabaddi teams so that people can understand and analyse the winner on their own. The very first match was captured by the Haryana team, as they won by a gorgeous score of 38-36 against the Gujarat Gaints.
After this, they played many matches and their scores were recorded as Haryana Steelers 9-5 Gujarat Gaints, Haryana Steelers 12-5 Gujarat Gaints, Haryana Steelers 18-6 Gujarat Gaints, Haryana Steelers 22-10 Gujarat Gaints, Haryana Steelers 24-14 Gujarat Gaints, and Haryana Steelers 30-25 Gujarat Gaints.

The Gujarat Giants scored well in one match against the Haryana Steelers. Gujarati Gaints have recorded a victory of 32-31 over Haryana Steelers. In another match, both teams took super raids, but the match was drawn by a score of 35-35.

As per the past match, it is clear that the Haryana Steelers’ winning chances are greater than the Gujarat Giants’ and the rest depends on the match.

Gujarat gaints team Mahendra Rajput [R], Rakesh Narwal [R], Ajay Kumar [R], Bhuvneshwar Gaur [R], Harmanjit Singh [R], Pradeep Kumar [R], Rathan K [R], Harshit Yadav [R], Maninder Singh [R], Sohit [R], Sonu Singh [R], Girish Maruti Ernak [D], Sunil Kumar [D], Parvesh Bhainswal [D], Ankit [D], Sumit [D], Soleiman Pahlevani [D], Hadi Osh [all-rounder] and Rakesh [all-rounder]

Haryana Steelers Squad Vikash Kandola [Raider], Vinay [Raider], Ashish [Raider], Mohammad Mahalli [Raider], Akshay [Raider], Surender Nada [Defender], Rajesh Gurjar [Defender], Mohit [Defender], Rajesh Narwal [all-rounder], Shrikant Tewthia [all-rounder], Vikash Jaglan [all-rounder], Ajay [all-rounder], Hamid Nader [all-rounder], Meetu [all-rounder] and Jaideep [all-rounder]


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