Cricket NewsWhich player confessed, “Playing against Yuvraj Singh was always an issue”?

    Which player confessed, “Playing against Yuvraj Singh was always an issue”?


    Former England captain Kevin Pietersen has said that playing against the former Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh was always an issue for him. Kevin Pietersen is currently part of the Legends League Cricket tournament, which is for the retired professionals, and he recently smashed 86 runs off 38 balls, representing the World Giants team in Al Amerat, Oman on Wednesday.

    Meanwhile, Legends League Cricket released a video on their official Instagram account in which Pietersen was talking about playing against Yuvraj and he said that the forward defensive block was his favourite shot against ‘pie-chucker Yuvraj’.

    “Playing against Yuvraj Singh was always an issue. Left-arm spin was always an issue. But when Yuvraj came on I thought this is the opportunity to score. Then he started knocking me over. Then I started to get a bit frustrated but my favourite shot against Yuvraj was the forward defensive block. That defensive shot, you can get past this pie-chucker.”

    Pietersen also revealed the reason behind calling the former Indian all-rounder a pie-chucker. He elaborated, “I called Yuvraj a pie-chucker purely based on the fact that he knocked me over a couple of times and I didn’t want to tell the rest of the world that he was any good. He is that rubbish provider you play with. You think I am bigger than the other player and try and force yourself on the opposition and he comes back at you.”

    Pietersen added that he absolutely loves Yuvraj and they are very close friends. “I love Yuvi, he is a very close friend and I loved the way he played. I loved everything about him and I still do. He is just a wonderful guy but the pie-chucker is something that was quite fun. Fun at that time and it’s still fun actually.”



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