Australia and Afghanistan U19 are ready to show their stability in the 3rd place play-off match of the ICC U19 World Cup on Friday.


The U19 teams from Australia and Afghanistan are work hard to get the chance to play in the third-place play-off match on Friday at 6:30 p.m. The ICC U19 World Cup match is being scheduled for Australia and Afghanistan U19 teams to pick up victory for their team by playing accurately. The match date is fixed for February 4, 2022, at Coolidge Cricket Ground, Antigua. The governing body of cricket has set a 20-over limitation for Australia and Afghanistan’s U19 team in the match. Fans can’t wait to start the evening match as soon as possible to watch live scores of the participant teams.

Australia and Afghanistan U19 teams are finding their way to take the winning title in the present 3rd place play-off match, but they are both familiar with each other as they have played some of the matches in the past. Both teams have played a total of three matches in which Australia U19 won two matches by six wickets and four wickets, based upon Jack Edwards, Param Uppal, Sam Fanning, and Lachlan Hearne’s performances in all the matches.And one victory of 36 runs was mentioned by the Afghanistan U19 team in support of Mohammad Mujtaba and Ihsanullah in the match.

Apart from the matches, people have found some players’ aggregate performances in which they took part. The cricketers of Afghanistan U19 are Suliman Safi and Ijaz Ahmad Ahmadzai, who have contributed 285 runs in a total of eight matches. And the Australian U19 team’s top scorer is Teague Wyllie has mentioned 265 runs and Campbell Kellaway has shared 188 runs in five matches.

Well, the fans are being divided into two sides because some are voting for the Australia U19 team while others are standing in support of the Afghanistan U19 team. Things will surely get clearer as they get closer to starting the 3rd place play-off match of the ICC U19 World Cup on February 4, 2022, at 6:30 PM.

Australia U19 team  Cooper Connolly [c], Harkirat Bajwa, Aidan Cahil, Joshua Garner, Isaac Higgins, Campbell Kellaway, Corey Miller, Jack Nisbet, Nivethan Radhakrishnan, William Saizmann, Lachlan Shaw, Jackson Sinfield, Tobias Snell, Tom Whitney, and Teague Wyllie.

Afghanistan U19 team Suliman Safi, Ijaz Ahmad Ahmadzai, Abdul Hadi, Allah Noor, Bilal Ahmad, Bilal Sami, Bilal Sayedi, Faisal Khan Ahmadzai, Ijaz Ahmad, Izharulhaq Naveed, Khaiber Wali, Khalil Ahmad, Mohammad Ishaq, Mohammad Younos, Mohammadullah Najbullah, Nangyalai Khan, Naveed Zadran, Noor Ahmad, Shahidullah Hasani, and Suliman Arabzai.



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