The Patna Pirates and Bengal Warriors will perform in the 98th match of the Kabaddi League on Sunday.


The Patna Pirates and Bengal Warriors will compete in the Kabaddi League Match on Sunday, at 7:30 PM, to score the most points for their respective teams. The 98th match of the Pro Kabaddi League is happening on February 6, 2022, at the venue of Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru. Fans will observe each player individually for a better understanding of the match.

If we check past matches of the Kabaddi League between Patna Pirates and Bengal Warriors, the maximum number of matches won by Patna Pirates is higher than the Bengal Warriors team. But the result of the 24th match, which happened on December 31st, 2021, between Patna Pirates and Bengal Warriors, implies that Patna Pirates won by 44 points, higher than the 30 points of Bengal Warriors.

Patna Pirates energetic players like Monu Goyat, Sachin Tanwar, Sunil, Neeraj Kumar, and Prashanth Kumar Rai crushed down on the players of Bengal Warriors-Maninder Singh, Amit, Abozar Mohajermighani, Sukesh Hegde, and Rohit in that game.

The Patna Pirates are already at the 3rd rank with nine superb wins, and the Bengal Warriors are at the 10th position with seven wins in the game.
Both the teams are the strongest competitors in the Kabaddi game, so anyone can win the 98th match. However, most people believe that Patna Pirates will undoubtedly win the 98th match of the Kabaddi League on February 6, 2022, at 7:30 PM.

Patna Pirates Team Prashanth Kumar Rai [R], Selvamani K [R], Monu Goyat [R], Sachin [R], Monu [R], Guman Singh [R], Mohit [R], Rajveersinh Chavan [R], Rohit [R], Sandeep [D], Neeraj Kumar [D], Shubham Shinde [D], Sunil [D], Sajin C [D], Sourav Gulia [D], Manish [D], Sahil Mann [all-rounder] and Daniel Odhiambo [all-rounder].

Bengal Warriors Team Maninder Singh (R), K Prapanjan (R), Mohammad Taghi (R), Rakesh Narwal (R), Ravindra Kumawat (R), Bhuvneshwar Gaur [R], Sukesh Hegde (R), Naveen Narwal (D), Sahil [D], Amit (D), Baldev Singh (D), Jeeva Kumar (D), Viraj Vishnu Landge (D), Adarsh T (D), Dharmendra Singh (D), Rinku Narwal (D), Mohammad Nabibaksh [all-rounder].


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