Ravindra JadejaShane Warner's belief in talented candidates like Ravindra Jadeja during the first...

    Shane Warner’s belief in talented candidates like Ravindra Jadeja during the first IPL match was recalled by Jadeja on his death. 


    Ravindra Jadeja was well settled in his cricket career as he was known as the U-19 World Cup champion during the first IPL competition that arrived in 2008, in which he joined the Rajasthan Royals team and also batted for the first time with the support of Shane Warner, who encouraged him during the match to hit amazing scores in the IPL.

    The moment recalled by Ravindra when Rajasthan Royal won their first IPL match, in which Jadeja became the finisher by scoring fabulous runs for his team in his first career tournament and first time batsman believer was Shane Warner, who stood all the time behind Jadeja to motivate him to play better during the match.

    Shane’s death was a huge loss to the Australians. Though he was a retired cricketer, his presence matters most to all his favourable batters, including Ravindra Jadeja, because 52-year-old Shane Warner was like an elder brother to all his cricket players. It’s really shocking that Shane was no more to cheer them on the stadium during the tournaments, but we have to keep calm and patience as it seems like he will always be watching us from somewhere and comment that you guys are doing great work, says Jadeja.

    People who know Shane and are closer to him will never forget that period of time in which Warner was available and gave trophies to Australia’s national team as a gift. It was a priceless moment when he was the sole believer in giving a platform to the youngest batsman in their starting career and also best wishes from his fans who will always remember him whenever Australia’s team wins in future tournaments.


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