Aakash ChopraIt would be very difficult for Team India to reach the final...

    It would be very difficult for Team India to reach the final of the World Test Championship, says Aakash Chopra. 


    Akash Chopra’s confidence is a little lower as India needs 100 percent points in the four-match series against Australia in which they need four superb wins instead of a draw to stay in the finals of the World Test Championship.

    After registering a superb win in the test match against Sri Lanka in Mohali, Team India’s percentage in the World Test Championship table has now reached 54.16, but still it could not reach the desire to reach the final match as the other teams like Australia have 77.77 percent, Pakistan percent was noted as 66.66, similar to the Sri Lankan team, and the 60 percent was of South Africa, as those reflected as the top four contestants in the test match.

    The 2nd test match is fixed for Team India to cover their points by winning over Sri Lanka in Bengaluru from March 12th to March 16th, 2022. India still has a good vibe for the seven tests remaining in the World Test Championship, which includes a one-off test against England, a two-test series against Bangladesh and a four-match series against Australia.
    Though the India team is performing admirably under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, Akash Chopra believes that India’s chances of reaching the World Test Championship finals is low, and we can’t rely on a miracle to occur in the players’ gaming, which may not work in their favour.

    However, Team India demonstrated their capability by stating that they are confident of winning the next match against Sri Lanka 2-0 and that against Bangladesh, we are confident of winning by large margins. And in the one-off test match against England, as the route to reaching the final of the WTC will not be easy for us, we will do anything for our country to win the test match.

    Akash Chopra has also shared that the New Zealand team will not qualify for the final match of the World Test Championship. Though they won their remaining two tests at home against Sri Lanka, that’s not enough as they have two tests away against Pakistan and three against England, which will make them out of the game. They won’t qualify.


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