Ranji Trophy 2022Jharkhand and Nagaland are going to hit in the preliminary quarter-final match...

    Jharkhand and Nagaland are going to hit in the preliminary quarter-final match of the Ranji Trophy starting on Saturday.


    The five days hold great importance in the lives of Jharkhand and Nagaland because they are going to play in the biggest game of their lives as they will perform in the preliminary quarter-finals on Saturday, at 9:00 am. The Ranji Trophy Preliminary Quarter Final Match is going to take place from March 12th, 2022 to March 16th, 2022 at Eden Gardens, Kolkata, where Jharkhand and Nagaland will play for the maximum of five days to win the match.

    There was no previous record found in which we must point to the strongest teams amongst Jharkhand and Nagaland, but everything depends on their current match, the preliminary quarter final, in which they will play for a continuous five days just to win the match.

    But we can’t miss the chance to appreciate those players from the Jharkhand team who gave superb contributions to their respective teams, as Saurabh Tiwary has made 674 runs by performing in 9 superb matches for their team and also Kumar Suraj has reached easily to 614 runs in just seven matches. And the most popular contestant from Nagaland was Shrikant Mundhe, whose 1028 runs were still remembered in the flashbacks of his fans. Another cricketer from Nagaland was Rongsen Jonathan, with his highest score of 599 in nine superb matches.

    It would be so great to see those players perform for their respective teams in the preliminary quarter-final match where the winning team’s distance is just five days away, i.e., starting from March 12th, 2022, to March 16th, 2022, at a fixed time of 9:00 am. The match has an unpredictable response from the audience as they can’t visualise the winning team name, which increases their curiosity to watch the live match between Jharkhand and Nagaland at an updated time and venue.

    Jharkhand Team Saurabh Tiwary, Virat Singh, Ashish Kumar, Bal Krishna, Aayush Bhardwaj, Kumar Deobrat, Pankaj Kumar, Raunak Kumar, Kumar Kushagra, Manishi, Sushant Mishra, Shahbaz Nadeem, Nazim Siddiqui, Sahil Raj, Anukul Roy, Kumar Suraj, Utkarsh Singh, and Vikash Vishal

    Nagaland Team Rongsen Jonathan, Abu Nechim, Chetan Bist, Chopise Hopongkyu, Jalal Uddin, Khrievitso Kense, Khriesavituo Solo, Imliwati Lemtur, Nzanthung Mozhui, Shrikant Mundhe, Nagaho Chishi, Pangnyei Pango, Liremo Patton, Mungkham Phom, Sedezhallie Rupero, Raja Swarnkar, Tahmeed Rahman, Temjentoshi Jamir, Yugandhar Singh, and Hokaito Zhimomi.


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