IPL 2022Ayush Badoni Discusses His Conversation With Gautam Gambir Ahead Of The IPL...

    Ayush Badoni Discusses His Conversation With Gautam Gambir Ahead Of The IPL 2022 Match Against The Gujarat Titans.


    The main aim of the Indian Premier League is to highlight the “newest talent with new opportunities,” and it was proved on Monday evening when the new franchises faced off against each other in the game, but Ayush Badoni was the one who performed beyond expectations against the Gujarat Titans. The young warrior has mentioned 54 runs for Lucknow Super Giants as they stare at 29/4 scores downstream and have no idea how to go upstream in the match. But the two super-strong players, Deepak Hooda and Ayush Badoni, came around in the game to increase the scores and put 84 runs with five wickets to help Lucknow Super Giants reach 158/6 in the final overs.

    Apart from the youngest and most talented batsman, Ayush Badoni, the Gujarat Titans also have the most fabulous players like Rahul Tewatia and Abhinav Manohar, who changed the game situation in the last overs and mentioned victory by 161/5 for the Gujarat Titans. They are another example, which implies that the IPL tournament is held to appreciate young talent worldwide.

    The 22-year old batter, Ayush Badoni, has scored 54 runs in 41 balls, including six fours and two sixes. The batter increases his team score with a half-century in 38 balls. After the match ended, Ayush thanked his mentor, Gautam Gambir, for his support in the entire match, saying that he gave the right instruction at the right time and to the right player.

    Ayush says fluently that Gautam Gambir stood behind him to advise him before he went to bat for the new franchise, where he increased the teams’ scores. Gautam Gambir advised him to play naturally; you don’t need to play accordingly to the situation; don’t think about anything that our senior player is capable of handling in the match. You just focus on the ball, not the bowler, quoted by Ayush.

    Ayush also stated that in the previous mega auction, I was unsold with a score of 2-3, resulting in no one appointing me to play for them in the IPL, but the newly added franchise, Lucknow Supergiants, along with mentor Gautam Gambir, expressed a lot of interest and confidentiality in me to put up attractive runs in IPL 2022 matches.I am thankful to the entire Lucknow Super Giants team, along with their mentor, Gautam Gambir. Ayush Badoni was signed by Lucknow Super Giants in the IPL 2022 mega auction for 20 lakhs.


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