IPL 2022It's An Unexpectable Thing For Pat Cummins On His Half-Century Record Against...

    It’s An Unexpectable Thing For Pat Cummins On His Half-Century Record Against The Mumbai Indians In IPL 2022. 


    On April 6, 2022, the 14th match of the Indian Premier League took place between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders, and Pat Cummins played in the final overs, and, with outstanding shots, he successfully put together with Venkatesh Iyer a winning score of five wickets against Mumbai Indians.
    Cummins has surprised each and every person at the stadium, but the most important thing is to know that he was also that surprised by lifting the 50-run record in just fewer overs, which was an incredible thing for the Kolkata Knight Riders in yesterday’s match.

    It was impossible for KKR to reach the 161 total scores when the captain lost his three wickets for just 73 runs. The captain, Shreyas Iyer, was disappointed in his own performance when he was knocked out very soon and he only contributed 10 runs. Nitish Rana got caught by Sams by Ashwin for just 8 runs. After that, Andre Russell was doing well as he set 11 runs in just 5 balls, but unfortunately, he was also knocked out of the game.

    But two lions entered the match and started batting with full energy. Venkatesh Iyer marked 50 runs in 41 balls with a not-out record, whereas Pat Cummins ended the game with 56 runs scored in just 15 balls and marked victory against Mumbai Indians by 5 wickets. The strongest batter, Pat Cummins, has also picked up 2 wickets from the opposition team in the match.

    The Mumbai Indians were confident that their victory over KKR was secure, but once the two legends entered the game, the hitman delivered excellent shots that were sometimes out of bounds and other times far away from the cricket ground.

    The hitman, Pat Cummins, says that I was also surprised at how it happened for me to hit six in the game. I was just hitting the bat in a different way with powerful energy on the balls. It is also shocking news that when you try to perform differently, you are also stressed about whether the bowler of the opposition team may catch you and you will be out of the game. But I gave my best in the death overs to mark a victory for KKR.

    After defeating Mumbai Indians and winning their third IPL match, Kolkata Knight Riders have risen to first place in the Indian Premier League 2022 point table.


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