IPL 2022The Captain Of The Mumbai Indians, Rohit Sharma, Has To Pay A...

    The Captain Of The Mumbai Indians, Rohit Sharma, Has To Pay A Fine Of Rs. 24 Lakhs For His Team’s Slow Over Rate.


    The five-time winning team of the Indian Premier League, Mumbai Indians, is currently in the last position with zero points as they have lost a total of five matches in the 15th season of the Indian Premier League. The lower rate of the Mumbai team has created a situation in which the captain has to pay 24 lakhs for his team’s low performance in the match. Currently, the Mumbai Indians have to pay full attention to their own game as well as keep patience in the match.

    Mumbai Indians must be strong and focused in order to win in the 2022 games, as they currently lead with heavy losses in the match as well as having to pay fines for their performance due to their low over rate. Rohit Sharma had to pay around 12 lakh in the last match against the Delhi Capitals. It was very disappointing to see the champions’ team dealing with heavy losses in a game in which they were experts.

    Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has paid a fine of Rs. 24 lakhs for the slow overrate of his whole team. Other members have also paid Rs 6 lakhs or 25% of their match fees; however, whichever player performs the worst out of the eleven players in the game must pay the remaining amount.

    Mumbai Indians have to find a way to come back into the game at any cost. According to the last match that happened on April 13th, 2022, against Punjab Kings, the player of Mumbai Indians had maintained his scores to reach the targeted scores of 199, and Suryakumar was the only hope to mark victory for the Mumbai Indians with 2 overs left for him to reach the final scores, but Punjab Kings captain Mayank Agrawal caught the ball and run-out the batter, after which the Mumbai Indians became hopeless as Bumrah was also run out by zero runs. In five balls, the Mumbai team needed 13 runs, but there were no hitmen left to hit six, just like Rahul Tewatia did for his team, hitting two sixes in the last two balls to win the target by 12 runs and mark victory for the Gujarat Titans.

    So, the Mumbai Indians captain is hopeless as he was not able to understand what to do with his teammates who were performing poorly in the game. Even now, Chennai Super Kings have also made improvements in their game and won one match out of five, and they are also hoping for the best in the upcoming matches of IPL 2022.


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