IPL 2022Former Cricketer Akash Chopra Says That Gujarat Titans And Sunrises Hyderabad Have...

    Former Cricketer Akash Chopra Says That Gujarat Titans And Sunrises Hyderabad Have Lifted Their Teams In The IPL 2022.


    The 15th season of the Indian Premier League has given me a new experience on a daily basis, as Gujarat Titans, who joined the IPl for the first time, and taking their team to the top of the tournament is a very big achievement for the captain and his whole team, and on the other hand, Sunrises Hyderabad, whose start was not very good, but after losing opening matches, the teams have marked great victories in back-to-back matches of the Indian Premier League 2022.

    According to the point table, the topmost cricket team is the Gujarat Titans, who own 10 points after winning five matches. Whereas Sunrises Hyderabad have also made a comeback after losing two matches, it doesn’t matter as they have covered the points after winning four matches superbly. The way Markram hit sixers in the last overs changed so many scores for their team. And Hardik is an all-rounder, so there is no doubt about what contribution he made to his team’s victory in those matches, but Rahul Tewatia is also responsible for this achievement, as the talented player delivered two of the hardest shots at the dead overs and secured victory for his team. That is the reason the Gujarat Titans are currently on top; otherwise, the team would have had fewer scores in the game.

    So, those teams are the ones who grabbed a lot of public attention after winning some matches in which victory was impossible for them, and that’s the reason Akash Chopra, the former Indian team cricketer, says that the Sunrises Hyderabad as well as Gujarat Titans “lit up” in this year’s Indian Premier League. They have full confidence that they will surely be in the final of the tournament and might face each other to win the title this year.

    Fans are also looking ahead towards Sunrises Hyderabad and Gujarat Titans, hoping that they will win the Indian Premier League 2022, but this might change as per the situation and gaming style of those teams. Because Lucknow Super Giants, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Rajasthan Royals, and Kolkata Knight Riders are also in the race to stay in the semi-final of the tournament, which means they will get into the final of IPL 2022. But I can’t say as the rest of the things depend upon the players’ performance in the 20-over each match.


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