IPL 2022Salman Butt Says That The Bollywood King, Shahrukh Khan, Always Motivates The...

    Salman Butt Says That The Bollywood King, Shahrukh Khan, Always Motivates The KKR Team In IPL Matches. 


    The Bollywood King, Shahrukh Khan, was the co-founder of the Kolkata Knight Riders franchise in the Indian Premier League. He had a calm, cool, and dashing personality when he came to meet the KKR players’ personalities in the biggest matches.

    The majority of the KKR players from the 2008 IPL agreed with the former Pakistan team captain, Salman Butt, who said Shahrukh Khan is a great motivator who always helps and supports the KKR team even if they lose the game in IPL, and yes, it is proof that after five losses by the KKR team in IPL 2022, they finally win by 7 wickets in the 47th match of IPL against Rajasthan Royals. After the match, the KKR team found that Shahrukh Khan praised the KKR boys with a comment of “Wow again” and tagged the KKR official account on Twitter.

    Salman Butt recalls the 2008 memory and shares a memorable moment when Shahrukh Khan came to the KKR team’s dressing room. Salman says in an interview on YouTube Channel that we were sitting on the sofa and had no idea that the Bollywood King was coming to meet us. He entered and set on a kit bag and communicated with us for around 15-20 minutes, sharing his incident of when he was struggling as an actor, no one praised him, and all the time demotivated him. And at the end of the conversation, he only said that don’t think about what others think about you; just show them what you are and focus on your own game.

    Shahrukh Khan was always very polite with the KKR team, even if they missed the chance to win the game. And we never found anything resembling an owner’s attitude; instead, he was very candid with his KKR team, and he also supported KKR in every match, as Salman Butt stated.
    KKR was a two-time IPL champion and ranked seventh in the IPL in 2022. KKR will perform in the next match of the IPL on May 7th against LSG.


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