IPL 2022Hardik Pandya Shared His New Goal Of Winning The World Cup For...

    Hardik Pandya Shared His New Goal Of Winning The World Cup For Team India In 2022.


    The skipper of the winning team, Hardik Pandya, shared his new goal of winning the World Cup for Team India, which will take place in a few months in 2022. If Hardik wins the IPL’s biggest tournament, he will almost certainly win the World Cup as well; if this happens, he will have two major victories in a year, the first in the IPL and the second in the World Cup. 

    Hardik as a Hitman made the most spectacular shots in the 15th season of the IPL, scoring 453 runs in just 14 matches. If we look at his previous IPL records, the skipper has scored 402 runs in 16 matches since 2019. After that, he dealt with numerous issues such as back pain, injury, and surgery. But he never lost hope and, after overcoming such toxic thoughts, he predicted that he would win the IPL for whichever team he performed for.  

    The Gujarat Titans are a newly added team, but their captain, Hardik, gave them the identity of the strongest team in the season. Hardik has picked up around 8 wickets in just 10 matches, but in the finals of the IPL, he picked up 3 wickets, the first wickets he has taken in just 2 bowls. And if he performs in the World Cup, then no matter what damage he will create for their opponents’ teams.  

    Hardik Pandya has revealed his new goal to win the World Cup for India in 2022. The Indian team won the World Cup in 2011 with the help of legend MS Dhoni, who hit incredible sixers on the final bowls, and Team India won the World Cup in 2011 after Kapil Dev won the World Cup for the first time since 1983. 

    Hardik looks very confident in his goals. He is a high-profile cricketer in India, says the mentor of Gujarat Titans, Gary Kirsten. After winning the IPl for the first time, Hardik became more energetic and he wanted to win the World Cup for Team India in 2022. I just want to win the World Cup, no matter how it happens, no matter what we have to face, but we will do it for our country, says Hardik Pandya.


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