Cricket NewsSunil Gavaskar Has Shared His Experience Of Making A 10,000 Run Record...

    Sunil Gavaskar Has Shared His Experience Of Making A 10,000 Run Record In Cricket. 


    Joe Root, 31, has contributed 115 runs in the second inning while playing for England to defeat New Zealand teams. After his game, Joe Root got most of the people’s congratulations for achieving more than 10,000 runs, a record among 14th candidates. His new goal is to reach Sachin Tendulkar’s record of more than 15,000 runs in test matches.

    While seeing Joe Root’s achievement, India’s former batsman, Sunil Gavaskar, memorized his cricket time when he used to make the 10,000 run record for the first-ever time period. In the year 1987, India was playing a test match against Pakistan in Ahmedabad city. Gavaskar was hitting fabulous hits on the bowls of Ijaz Faqih and he had finally crossed the record of 10,000 runs in a test match.

    I knew that I only needed 57 runs to achieve such a big run record, and I never kept an eye on the scorecard, but at that time, I used to see the scoreboard and found that I was very close to achieving such a big hit. I was aware that after 50 runs I only needed to do well batting till I added seven more runs to it. It looks like I am climbing Mount Everest because no one has made a 10k run record since that time and I was the first. So that moment was very priceless for me, “says Gavaskar in the Indian Express.” ” Sunil Gavaskar set a record of 10,000 runs in a test match for the first time in history. Sarang Bhalerao has shared a rare video of him on Twitter.


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