CricketPradeep Sangwan Has Recalled The Incident Of Virat When He Went To...

    Pradeep Sangwan Has Recalled The Incident Of Virat When He Went To His Room And Cried For Not Being Selected In The Team.


    We all know that the batting king, Virat, was known for scoring more than 200 runs in the past. There was not a single record that he hadn’t broken with his incredible runs. Virat’s teammate, Pradeep Sangwan, has shared one incident from his U19 days when Virat Kohli, Pradeep Sangwan, and other teammates were playing their U17 match in Punjab.  

    Virat Kohli and Pradeep Sangwan, with their fabulous teammates, were playing U17 matches in Punjab in which Virat Kohli, who had scored maximum runs after playing most of the matches, failed to score in two innings. So the teams have decided to play a prank on Virat Kohli by saying that he was not selected to play in the upcoming matches. The coach, Ajit Chaudhary, was also involved in that prank. After knowing that he was not selected, he went to the room and cried, as well as didn’t sleep the whole night. 

    He felt very emotional after knowing that he would not play in the next match and cried a lot. He asked me, “What is wrong, as I made the highest runs in so many matches, but I was not selected on the basis of a few innings in which I didn’t score well?” The whole night he was thinking and saying, “How could I sleep after knowing that I would not play the next game?” He called his childhood coach, Raj Kumar Sir, and shared everything and got very emotional. Then I told him that you are in the team and will play in the next match and that we were all playing a prank on you, including the coach, Ajit Sir, says Pradeep Sangwan to News 24.

    Virat has scored more than 200 and 250 runs in most of the games and he felt bad when his name was not on the list. It implies how much a cricketer cares for his game and takes his cricket very seriously. Virat Kohli has done so much for India. However, he was currently struggling, as he had made a comeback in a few games but had most likely failed to score in IPL 2022. Fans are hoping and expecting that he will do well in the next year of all. But they want to see Virat Kohli in the World Cup in 2022. Nobody believes that, just as the BCCI ignored him in the t20 series against South Africa, they will do the same for the World Cup, which begins in October 2022.


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