Asia Cup 2022Arshdeep Singh received appreciation from Rohit Sharma, who also said that the...

    Arshdeep Singh received appreciation from Rohit Sharma, who also said that the team ignores trolls on social media 


    In the Asia Cup Super 4 encounter against Sri Lanka on Tuesday, the young bowler Arshdeep Singh displayed amazing tenacity by giving it his best to defend seven runs in the last over. He was able to tie the score before the penultimate delivery, but Sri Lanka went on to win by six wickets. In the game against Pakistan, which India ultimately lost by five wickets, the left-arm seamer made the mistake of dropping a reasonably simple catch. As a result, he received harsh criticism and online bullying.

    Rohit Sharma, the captain, discussed Arshdeep’s approach and how the young pacer is quite confident and wants to deliver after the defeat to Sri Lanka. He added that the group does not pay much attention to online trolls. “Honestly, guys here don’t look too much into social media, these days it is too much crap happening there,” Rohit Sharma said in the press conference. “Few losses here and there, a few games here and there, and one dropped catch, I do not think we look too much into it. Yes, he was himself disappointed with the catch that could have been taken but again, we saw the confidence when he came and bowled that last over, he nailed that yorker very well and got Asif Ali out. So that shows, if he was down and out, if you are not mentally there, execution doesn’t happen,” he added.

    “So, in his case, he came out and he was pretty confident to execute. In fact, he just ran to his place and took the ball because he wanted that over to be bowled by him and even today, I thought he bowled pretty well the last two overs. He is a very confident lad which is why he’s here. He has been with the team ahead of a lot of guys who are sitting back home,” he added. Further talking about Arshdeep, Rohit said: “The reason being, it’s pretty simple, he is very clear in his mind. He is a confident lad, I have not seen many guys like that in their early days, he is very confident, he wants to do well and he is quite hungry for success. It is a good sign, even Rahul Bhai will tell you, we are very happy with how he takes his game and approaches it.” Talking about the game against Sri Lanka, Team India registered a total of 173/8 and Sri Lanka chased down the target with six wickets in hand and one ball to spare.


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