Charlotte Dean In a statement, Charlie Dean said she will no longer leave the...

     In a statement, Charlie Dean said she will no longer leave the crease following her contentious exit during the match against India.   


    Charlotte Dean, an English cricketer, has finally spoken out about her contentious run-out during the match against India, stating that she will henceforth always remain in the crease. The batter was backing up too much in the third and final ODI at the Lord’s Cricket Ground, and Deepti Sharma was able to dismiss Dean at the non-end striker’s since the ball was not even released from the bowler’s hand.

    In response to the “controversial” runout, Dean posted a response to it on her Instagram account saying that, “An interesting end to the summer. What an honour it is to play at Lords in England colours. I guess I’ll just stay in my crease from now on.” “It was a plan because we had warned her [for leaving the crease early] multiple times. We did things as per the rules and guidelines. We told the umpires as well, but she was there [outside the crease]. We couldn’t do much,” Deepti stated.

    Later, injured England captain Heather Knight retaliated against Indian all-rounder Deepti Sharma, calling her out for “lying” and denying that Dean had received any warnings. Knight tweeted, “The game is over, Charlie was dismissed legitimately. India were deserved winners of the match and the series. But no warnings were given. They don’t need to be given, so it hasn’t made the dismissal any less legitimate.” “But if they’re comfortable with the decision to affect the runout, India shouldn’t feel the need to justify it by lying about warnings,” Knight added.

    Harmanpreet Kaur, the captain of India, had come out in favor of her player and told the official broadcaster straight out that no “crime” had been done. Harmanpreet led India to an ODI series victory in England after 23 years when Deepti questioned her about the non-end striker’s runout she said, “Today, whatever we have done, I don’t think it was any crime. It is part of the game and is an ICC rule, and I think we just need to back our players. I’m actually very happy she [Deepti] was aware of that, and the batter is taking too long a stride. I don’t think she has done something wrong.”


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