Aakash ChopraAakash Chopra, a former cricketer for India who is now a commentator,...

    Aakash Chopra, a former cricketer for India who is now a commentator, was referred to as a “failure cricketer” by a supporter on social media. He made a wonderful response to the fan.


    Aakash Chopra, currently one of the most well-liked cricket analysts in India, has established himself as a game analyst since his retirement. Many people like his opinions on Indian cricket. However, Aakash has to deal with online trolls about his career as a batter again and time again. A fan challenged the former Indian cricketer to “explain” his career and called him a “failed cricketer” after he posted a little video about the second One-Day International between India and South Africa.

    Chopra maintained his integrity in the face of abuse on social media and responded to the fan in a mouth-shutting manner. The dialogue went like this: “Please explain your career too. What is this? How can you talk about cricket? When you are a failed cricketer.”the had commented on a video shared by Chopra.

    The cricketer-turned-pundit responded saying: “I googled you…found no career in cricket or otherwise. Going by your logic, how can you talk about me?? When you a __ person in life? On a serious note : get a life, my friend Love you “

    It is no secret that Chopra’s career with the Indian team wasn’t the most successful. He only got to play for India in 10 Test matches, appearing in 437 runs at an average of 23 runs per game. Chopra even participated in the Indian Premier League with the Kolkata Knight Riders, but only saw action in 7 games, totaling just 53 runs. He never took the field for India in an ODI or T20 match. However, off of the playing field, Chopra enjoys a high level of respect among cricketers and his contemporaries for his work as a sports analyst. He keeps posting footage and analysis of games involving the Indian squad and the IPL.


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