Cricket NewsNew BCCI President Roger Binny remarked, "Ganguly got them to be better...

    New BCCI President Roger Binny remarked, “Ganguly got them to be better cricketers, fighting cricketers, when he was captain.


    The Indian cricket team has undergone numerous adjustments and advancements over the years. The team’s strategy improved over time despite changes in management, coaching, and captains. In a recent incident, former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly’s term as BCCI president came to an end, and Roger Binny, a former cricketer for India and a World Cup champion, took his place.

    Whether as a player or as BCCI president, Ganguly has made a significant contribution to Indian cricket, and Binny was unable to restrain himself from applauding the departing leader. At the 91st Annual General Meeting, Binny, who was chosen to serve as the BCCI’s 36th president, praised Ganguly and discussed how he revolutionised the sport. “Sourav Ganguly is a big figure, he’s a big name. He’s the person who changed the face of Indian cricket. We saw when he was captain, he got them to be better cricketers, fighting cricketers. They won a lot of matches. They were unlucky they lost the World Cup when they lost the finals,” Binny was quoted as saying.

    Ganguly and Binny have both made significant contributions to Indian cricket. The 1983 World Cup victory by India was made possible in large part by Binny, who also finished the competition with the most wickets taken (18). On the other hand, Ganguly is one of the best Test captains to date. He also added several outstanding players to the team who went on to become legends of the game.

    “But he definitely changed the thought process and the playing conditions for cricketers. He’s always a big icon, especially for the younger generation who are coming up. He’s someone to look up to. Ganguly can change cricketers overnight. The way they approach the game. He’ll talk for a little while and it’ll definitely influence these people,” Binny added.


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