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    India bowling coach Paras Mhambre revealed the technique of Indian star bowler R Ashwin


    Ravichandran Ashwin, unquestionably one of the most intelligent cricketers in the game, demonstrated his capacity for composure under pressure when he came out to bat in the final over of the T20 World Cup 2022 encounter against Pakistan. When Ashwin decided to leave Mohammad Nawaz’s wide ball, India gained a crucial run. This was a remarkable display of foresight on Ashwin’s part. When India bowling coach Paras Mhambre was asked about the instruction Ashwin was given going into the final over, he gave a brilliant response.

    Ashwin received a great deal of accolades from his contemporaries, previous cricket players, and fans for his application and judgement. Mhambrey disclosed that the off-spinner typically instructs the coaching staff what he will do on the field, not the other way around, during the press conference on the eve of India’s second group match of the T20 World Cup against the Netherlands.

    “Actually, it’s the other way round. He tells us, ‘this is what I’m going to do’,” Mhambrey said when asked what message Ashwin was given. “It’s just the way he is. The individual is so full of composure, and his presence of mind to actually leave the ball… any other individual at that stage would swing his bat, but that’s Ashwin for you,” he further explained. Virat Kohli, the game’s hero, also praised Ashwin for the manner he used his head in the contest.

    “I told Ashwin to hit over the covers. But uss time pe Ash ne dimaag ke uppar extra dimaag lagya (Ashwin used his brain at that point of time). That was a very brave thing to do, he came inside the line and the ball turned out to be a wide. The situation was that if the ball goes into the gap, we will end up winning and that is what happened,” Kohli had said. These kinds of events are what led to Ashwin’s inclusion in the Indian T20 World Cup squad. The off-spinner is anticipated to be a key member of the side when it plays the Netherlands on Thursday.


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