Cricket NewsFollowing England's series defeat, PCB president Ramiz Raja may be fired.

    Following England’s series defeat, PCB president Ramiz Raja may be fired.


    Ramiz Raja, the president of Pakistan’s cricket governing body, is about to finish his term in office, according to a number of local media outlets. After meeting with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in Lahore, the previous chairman Najam Sethi is reportedly ready to take over as PCB chairman once again.

    Following Pakistan’s catastrophic series loss to England on home soil, Ramiz Raja’s leadership of the board came under fire. Other board members were not pleased with his comments made about a dead Rawalpindi pitch following Pakistan’s opening Test match against England. An unnamed source acknowledged the behind-the-scenes shift and made a suggestion that the former Pakistani cricketer will be leaving his position.

    “Yes, something is going on definitely. Rumors are strong that Najam Sethi who recently met with the premier at a function in Lahore might be called up to replace Ramiz as Chairman,” a former member of the PCB told media.

    Imran Khan, a former cricketer from Pakistan, became the nation’s Prime Minister in 2018, and Ramiz was chosen for the job in 2021. The Pakistani Prime Minister is the board’s patron and has the power to choose applicants for the position of PCB head, but Imran Khan’s retirement earlier this year meant that a change was necessary.

    Previously serving as PCB chairman, Najam Sethi left his position in 2018 when Imran Khan took the oath of office. As a group within the PCB has started a campaign to remove Raja from his post, Sethi is expected to return to the prominent job. When Sharif became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Raja was about to lose his job.


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