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    R Ashwin Makes Sense Of Why ODI World Cup Matches Ought To Start At 11:30 AM


    Senior India spinner Ravichandran Ashwin feels matches of the ODI World Cup at home not long from now ought to start prior to the day to lessen the impact of the dew factor. Dew has impacted matches in the subcontinent for quite a while, giving the groups pursuing an unreasonable edge. The possibility of the dew successfully implies the commander winning the throw chooses to field.  Is there any good reason why we shouldn’t begin matches at 11.30 am during the World Cup?” Ashwin said on his YouTube channel.

    In India, day-night ODIs start at 1:30 pm and go far into the early evening.

    The 36-year-old off-spinner feels the contrast between the nature of groups isn’t noticeable due to the dew. He gave the case of the primary ODI between India and Sri Lanka to make his statement.

    Batting first, India had scored 373 for 7 while Sri Lanka had overseen 306 for 8.

    In any case, Ashwin believed that the triumph edge was not intelligent of the Indian group’s strength in the match.

    Individuals will raise audience members and telecasters, and say that individuals won’t lock on and watch around then, yet would they not hook on to World Cup coordinates?” “The new T20 World Cup was likewise held in winter, focusing on the late spring (for Australia’s home two-sided season),” Ashwin said.

    “It wasn’t the best situation – T20 is a quick-moving game, how might you play it in winter? Individuals will say that is not the situation in Australia, yet at the same time, we really want to focus on World Cups.” The 50-over World Cup is booked to be played in October-November in India and dew would be a typical event as the competition goes on, its effect would become further.

    The ICC knows very well that there will be dew, so how about we advance the game, and assuming we start at 11.30 am, the dew factor would come into the game, and what difference would it make?  Ashwin added that groups are planning for dew in front of the World Cup.


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