Cricket NewsFormer Indian player Sunil Gavaskar is upset over Ishan Kishan's antics in...

    Former Indian player Sunil Gavaskar is upset over Ishan Kishan’s antics in the first ODI behind the stumps.


    During the first One-Day International between India and New Zealand, Ishan Kishan may have found humor in his sneaky attempt to taunt Tom Latham, but Sunil Gavaskar did not find the rookie wicketkeeper’s antics entertaining. Ishan made the decision to have fun by making Latham believe that perhaps the New Zealand team had outhit some wickets after the red light faded during the 16th over. The playback, however, showed that Ishan was the one who had cut the bails off.

    If it had ended right then, it wouldn’t have worried anyone, but Ishan appealed and the square leg umpire went upstairs, which upset Gavaskar. Kuldeep crossed the wicket, Latham nipped the ball to short mid-wicket, where Rohit Sharma picked it up, and the Indians immediately launched a ferocious appeal. Kuldeep appeared enthusiastic, and Rohit appealed with arms raised. As Ishan turned to face the square leg umpire in the expectation that he would approach the official above, Latham, who was still bewildered, came into focus. Even the New Zealand dugout appears confused. The entire scene was then displayed during replay. Ishan casually removed the bails with his gloves after Latham had played the ball.

    Even in this crease, the New Zealand captain also nullifies a stumping attempt. Gavaskar objected to Ishan’s desire for simple amusement. “As a joke, it was ok. But then to go and appeal, don’t think that is the right thing to do. As a joke to maybe say or suggest to Tom Latham that what had happened earlier on when India was batting… is understandable. But not to appeal. That is not on. That is not cricket,” said the legendary former India captain.


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