Cricket NewsThe 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles won't include cricket.

    The 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles won’t include cricket.


    The International Olympic Committee has formally announced that cricket will not be included in the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles (IOC). The International Cricket Council (ICC) has been informed of this IOC, and as a result, the world cricketing body must create a brand-new pitch for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games.

    The BCCI secretary Jay Shah, who also represents the Indian cricket board at the ICC, is currently building a new Olympics committee that will be under the direction of the ICC. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced in February 2022 that the Los Angeles Games will have a total of 28 sporting competitions and that “potential additional sports” will be taken into consideration, keeping in mind the youth.

    Only Great Britain and the host nation of France competed in cricket at the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris. In August of last year, the IOC chose eight additional sports for review, including cricket. The other eight sports competing in the main event are baseball/softball, flag football, lacrosse, breakdancing, karate, kickboxing, squash, and racing.

    According to IOC policy, a sport must fulfill a specific set of qualifications before it is given consideration for inclusion in the Olympics. Priority was given to reduced costs and complexity, as well as global appeal, host nation excitement, gender equality, youth relevance, upholding honesty and fairness to encourage clean sports, and long-term sustainability.

    Women’s cricket was officially recognized as a sports event at the Commonwealth Games 2022, which was held in Birmingham. Eight teams competed in the competition: Australia, India, Pakistan, Barbados, England, New Zealand, South Africa, and Sri Lanka. At Edgbaston, the site of all the competitions, Australia won the gold medal by defeating India in the championship match. India accepted the silver medal.


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