Cricket NewsMany of Kohli's followers shared Virat Kohli’s Instagram story while unsure of...

    Many of Kohli’s followers shared Virat Kohli’s Instagram story while unsure of what the cricketer meant.


    India’s top cricketer Virat Kohli is traveling for peace apart from his sporting obligations. Virat Sharma has traveled to many ashrams with his wife Anushka Sharma, and his family was most recently sighted hiking in the hills. The well-known batter recently posted a lovely message on Instagram that perfectly captured his current mental state. Kohli included a passage from “Rumi” in a post on the photo and video blogging website, which read: “Your intuition will guide you. In that direction, run “.

    Many of Kohli’s followers shared his Instagram story while unsure of what the cricketer meant. This is the Instagram story:

    Instagram story of Virat Kohli

    — Virat Kohli Fan Club (@Trend_VKohli) February 1, 2023

    The most recent excursion that Virat took was with his wife, Anushka Sharma, and their child, Vamika. Several photos of Kohli and Anushka’s mountain walk had been posted on social media. Earlier, several images of the two praying at an ashram in Vrindavan appeared online.

    Before their travel to Vrindavan, Anushka, and Virat spent the New Year’s holiday in Dubai. There are only a few days left till Kohli resumes his on-field duties and returns to the cricket field. Over the previous few weeks, Kohli has been in excellent form, scoring three centuries in ODIs (one against Bangladesh and two against Sri Lanka). But in the 50-over match against New Zealand, the legendary batsman could only muster 55 runs in three games. As India takes on Australia in a 4-match series, Kohli will be motivated to break his century drought in Tests as well after doing so in ODIs and T20Is.


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