Cricket NewsPakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi opined ICC to step in to settle down the Asia...

    Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi opined ICC to step in to settle down the Asia Cup venue matter.


    Since a few months ago, the BCCI and PCB have been at odds about where to hold the Asia Cup, which is slated to take place in Pakistan. However, Jay Shah, the secretary of the BCCI, has made it plain that the team would not travel to Pakistan for the continental competition and has urged that the event be hosted in a neutral location. The ODI World Cup, which will be held in India in October-November, has been threatened with a boycott by Pakistan, which has been equally vociferous about the subject.

    R Ashwin, a spinner for India, expressed his opinion on the subject and expressed his certainty that Pakistan will visit India for the championship match. In fact, he has put out the intriguing idea of shifting the Asia Cup to Sri Lanka from the United Arab Emirates. “Asia Cup was supposed to take place in Pakistan. But India has announced that if it takes place in Pakistan, then we won’t be participating. If you want us to participate do change the venue. But we would have seen this happen many times. When we say that we won’t go to their place, they will say that they will also not come to our place. Similarly, Pakistan has said that they will also not come to the World Cup. But however, I think it is not possible,” said Ashwin in a video shared on his YouTube channel.

    “But the final call might be the Asia Cup moved to Sri Lanka. This is an important lead-up to the 50-over World Cup. Many tournaments have taken place in Dubai guys. I will also be pleased if it is moved to Sri Lanka.” he added. Shahid Afridi, a Pakistani all-rounder, criticized the management for their position when asked about recent developments on the subject. Before saying that even they won’t be able to do anything in front of the BCCI, he said that the ICC should intervene to resolve the situation.

    “If anyone is unable to stand on his own feet and then the decision to make such strong calls is not easy. They have to look at plenty of things. India agar aankhe dikha raha hain (If India is showing you their eyes) or taking such a strong stance, then they have made themselves that strong, hence they are being able to talk like this, otherwise, they wouldn’t have the courage. In the end, it’s making yourself strong and then take decisions. I have no idea, will India visit Pakistan for the Asia Cup? Will we boycott the ODI World Cup in India? But we need to take a stand at some point or the other. In this case, ICC’s role becomes crucial, they should come forward, but let me say it even ICC won’t be able to do anything in front of BCCI,” he said during an interaction with Samaa TV.

    The matter will now be discussed when the ACC meets again in March in Dubai. There will be “a positive debate” on the Asia Cup, according to a statement made earlier this month by Jay Shah, secretary of the BCCI. However, a PCB representative has told this newspaper that there has been agreement on the idea to move the tournament to a neutral location.


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