Cricket NewsMy life practically revolves around cricket, therefore it's hard to express how...

    My life practically revolves around cricket, therefore it’s hard to express how much I miss it: Rishabh Pant


    Rishabh Pant, a stumper-batter for India, is presently healing from numerous wounds he received as a result of a terrible vehicle accident on December 30, 2022. His automobile crashed into a divider on the way from Delhi to Roorkee and started a fire right away. Nonetheless, the batsman was able to escape the predicament with a few people’s assistance. He was then hospitalized to the Max Hospital in Dehradun before traveling to Mumbai for additional medical care.

    Nearly two months after the incident, the southpaw disclosed that he has made a full recovery and has gained a fresh outlook on life. In addition, he vowed to live life to the fullest and thanked the medical staff for their unwavering support. “I am much better now and making some good progress with my recovery. Hopefully, with the grace of God, and the support of the medical team, I will be fully fit very soon.

    It is hard for me to say if everything around me has become more positive or even negative. However, I’ve gained a fresh perspective on how I view my life now,” Pant said as quoted by News18. In the same interview, Pant mentioned that he misses the game of cricket a lot as his life revolves around it. “I think it’s difficult to say how much I miss cricket because my life literally revolves around it, but I am focusing on getting back to my feet now and I cannot wait to get back to doing what I love the most, to play cricket,” the 25-year-old added.


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