Cricket NewsStanding ovation for Virat Kohli as a result of Steve Smith's kind...

    Standing ovation for Virat Kohli as a result of Steve Smith’s kind deed in Ahmedabad


    Virat Kohli scored 186 runs in merciless innings, falling just 14 runs short of his well-deserved double century after the right-handed batsman mistimed a Todd Murphy delivery and sent it to Marnus Labuschagne in the deep. Consequently, the former captain experienced a devastating moment when the crowd rose in admiration to recognize the outstanding innings.

    As Virat Kohli exited in complete defeat, he was greeted with thunderous cheers and a standing ovation. After his booming innings, even the Aussies walked over to congratulate Kohli, and it was at that point that he and Smith enjoyed a memorable moment. Smith approached him and patted Kohli on the helmet as a sign of congratulations. Kohli grinned at Smith. Fans had a wonderful moment to remember throughout the otherwise sweltering and heated series when both players put their on-field animosity aside and showed sportsmanship and togetherness.

    The fact that a gesture like this is being highlighted despite the fierce rivalry between Kohli and Smith, two of the best batters in the world in contemporary cricket, is undoubtedly positive for the sport. This is notable as an illustration of how friendship triumphs over even the most formidable rivals. Smith and Kohli have both played for their sides in 108 and 96 matches, respectively. Kohli has added 8,416 runs to Smith’s total throughout those matches.

    This gesture was acknowledged by the BCCI as well, who took to Twitter to share a photograph of this special moment, rightfully captioning it as “Respect and admiration”.


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