Cricket NewsPlayers that play similarly to him include Rishabh Pant and Prithvi Shaw,...

    Players that play similarly to him include Rishabh Pant and Prithvi Shaw, according to Virender Sehwag.


    Several people consider Virender Sehwag to be one of the most powerful hitters in history. The 44-year-accomplishments old’s are still admired even several years after his retirement. In 104 Test matches for India, Sehwag scored 8586 runs, and his ODI numbers are as impressive. His statistics speak for themselves. He scored 8273 runs for India in his 251 ODI matches.

    Little to no players in the present-day game has been able to match Sehwag’s level despite playing a similar brand of cricket. The 44-year-old recently spoke up to add his perspective to the conversation. Sehwag stated that there are no players in the modern-day hitters to compare him to, making any comparisons outdated.

    During the News18 India Chaupal, the former cricketer discussed his analogies to batters of the present day. The 44-year-old correctly singled out Prithvi Shaw and Rishabh Pant as the only players with comparable playing philosophies. In Indian cricket, Pant and Shaw have shown significant growth. Shaw is still attempting to find his place on the team, whereas Pant has established himself as a vital player on the national team. Both players undoubtedly possess a wealth of talent, but they are still a long way from reaching the sort of success Sehwag did with the Indian squad.

    “I don’t think there is any player in the Indian team who bats like me. The two players who came to mind who have come close to it are Prithvi Shaw and Rishabh Pant. I think Rishabh Pant is a little bit close to what I used to bat like in Test cricket, but he is satisfied with 90-100. I used to score 200, 250, and 300 and then be content. If he took his game to that level, then I think he can entertain the fans even more,” Sehwag said.


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